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March 19, 2023 - 4:30 p.m. Espace Jacques VILLERET in TOURS les Fontaines

Reservations on 02 47 74 56 05 - 02 47 74 56 04

Affiche J&B

In her apartment on the thirty-third floor of a tower, Béatrice awaits the man who will deliver her from her loneliness. She sends an ad promising a substantial reward to the man who will interest her, move her and seduce her. John, an experienced bounty hunter, submits to the three trials out of greed. But Béatrice raises the stakes: it is in fact a question of inventing love. The apartment turns into a trap, the meeting becomes a duel. In turn, Jean and Béatrice stage the gestures of intimacy, mime the exchange of confidences, the disputes and the reconciliations, the sharing of daily life and the wear and tear of time. Each attempt is a kind of theater-truth. Would it be enough to believe in love to make it exist?

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