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Lumières colorées Théâtre
Atelier des Actes 2023


    W e are an amateur theater company created in 1985 in Tours on the initiative of Alain DESTOUCHES, our current director and Lucile BACQUIE, his partner.

    The company is the result of a workshop run at the time by Jean-Louis DUMONT and Monique STALENS (mother of Juliette BINOCHE). The rehearsals took place in the Salle des Actes at the Faculty of Letters in Tours… from which the company takes its name.  

    There are only 2 actors left from the time of creation ... but the company has grown over the years with the work of some and others and has welcomed many sometimes inexperienced actors who have discovered, alongside it, passion for the theater.

    The troupe is therefore made up of amateurs of all ages and backgrounds who have joined the company for the love of the theater.

     We are all volunteers.

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